The Pros of Buying TALLISMA

In this blog we will enunciate our core and guiding principles and way of being, both in this brand that we now launch and in life. But here you will find much more than that. You will also find useful tips on how to use and match our pieces with your outfits, how to store them, how to maintain their original luster, how to make them stand out at any time and much more information about TALLISMA, about us and about what we do in life. This space will serve as a direct line of contact and to share experiences with you.

It is important for us to explain to you what we want, what we envision and what we think of TALLISMA. Our vision of what we aim to be. In this sense, in the first posts we want you to get to know our work ethic stance, the choice of raw materials that make up our pieces, the price range and our position towards the market.

We’re starting this work in this post, where we expose what is our thoughts on our suppliers, customers and employees, even though we have not hired anyone and we are only two for now :). See who we are on About Us page!

The Vision

We want to create a community of modern people with eyes on the future yet with roots and pride in their history. The TALLISMA’s ideal is exactly that: to make pieces that symbolize and unite the respect for the past with the desire to build a brighter future.

However, we wish to do so in an ethical, conscious and sustainable way. Because that’s who we are and because we strive for a better life and a better world for all who live in it and for those who are about to come in the future. We fight for a business where everyone wins.

When choosing TALLISMA, we want you to do so in a mindful way. We want to show our posture regarding production, shipping and the market. Here we will be sharing with you the ideas that move us forward, the principles that guide us and the advantages of buying with us.


We produce in Portugal. It is an obvious choice because we are proudly Portuguese. But it is also obvious because we have an exceptional jewelery sector, with companies and artisans with decades of experience in this art, and also an industrial sector of quality shipping products and solutions. Of course, we could relocate production to countries with no tradition in the area, without quality industry or fair working conditions and lower our production costs. But it would not good for us, for those workers, for our customers, for our country and for the environment.

We are from the world and all for the world. We live our lives in the most conscious and sustainable way possible. And we applied this principle to TALLISMA, where we produce pieces with noble materials that last for a long time, in an era of cheap and disposable jewelery. We dispatch our products in an 80% recycled materials pouch while being itself 100% recyclable and we offer signature boxes designed to store and protect your pieces over the years. These are two practical examples of what we advocate.

Ethics and Sustainability

We, as creators of TALLISMA, actively promote the awareness and appreciation of the work of all the elements participating in this production chain that we have built. We guarantee, in everything that is within our reach, the dignified and fair working conditions of those who provide us with services and products. We are talking about companies with a long tradition in the Portuguese market and who are references in their respective sectors. Everyone who contributes to our success deserves the best from us.

We do not use toxic, aggressive or highly allergenic materials for the skin, such as nickel. The raw materials we use are only 925 sterling silver, rhodium and gold, and are all certified by Contrastaria Nacional, the public body responsible for the authentication of precious metals in Portugal. We do not make wear and tear pieces and we do not use cheap materials that are, consequently, dangerous for both your skin and health. We use hypoallergenic materials that give us guarantees of not causing damage to the skin and of lasting longer. We always follow the principle of respecting those who produce our pieces and those who buy them.

The Meaning

We present a modern design, with contemporary features while we rescuing old symbols – such as the Cross, the Sílex, the Wind Rose or the Mapa Mundi – with meaning and memory. We want them to be a part of your history and to refer to the primordial meaning of the word Talisman, which gives us our name – an object that will accompany you throughout life and that will help you to get to where or to what you want, and that might tell the story of that journey.